Nerium Network Marketing Compensation Plan - Why you Should Care!

Hello and welcome to Positive Outcomes blog on Nerium AD and the Nerium International business opportunity!

After reading this blog about my personal experiences with network marketing I hope you understand how fortunate you are that someone has reached out to you about this breakthrough age defying skin care product as well as the potential opportunity.

I am extremely grateful that my sister shared information with me about this product and the company! I am also grateful that due to my past experiences with both failures and successes in the network marketing industry I believe I know a good opportunity when I see one.

Folks, in my opinion Nerium International is a great opportunity! Whether or not the Nerium business opportunity is for you is a completely different story.

I would encourage you to at least try the product for 30 days and see for yourself if the results are real and at least do something great for your skin. The age defying skin care product Nerium AD was a result of an accidental discovery while doing research at MD Anderson for cancer treatment and is sweeping the US with its real science, real results campaign. I personally have been using this product since August 16th and my skin has not looked this healthy and fresh in years.

My main goal in writing this blog is to help people overcome the myths about network marketing. I would encourage those reading this post to do their research on network marketing or multi-level marketing before dismissing the chance you are now being given to get in on the ground floor of something BIG with Nerium International.

Amongst the things I have heard to describe this type of business model these two stand out: 1) its a scam or 2) only the people at the top of the pyramid make money? If that last comment were true then how is it that people today are still making extra income selling Avon, Amway, Mary Kay and other products through direct sales i.e. Network marketing?

The system works if you do and yes sometimes products or services are not as good as others just as with any business or product out there. Like with any venture you might get involved with, I recommend that you do your homework on the company and if you like what you are learning I recommend that you begin to use the product or service. If after learning that you like the company and the product or service I would recommend that you determine your why for doing the business and then jump in and do it!

The investment to start with a network marketing company is usually a minimal out of pocket expense. Some would say that is an advantage by the way! The only real skin comes in when you begin to show up, plug in and get moving.

This is the second time in my 51 years on this earth that I have been blessed to be at the right place at the right time with respect to great ground floor opportunities in the network marketing industry which is growing daily by the way! Please refer to the attached article on the top 25 network marketing companies revealed in June 2012. The number 9 company ACN is one that is rather dear to me in a bittersweet kind of way and I will explain.

For the record let me state that at this time in my life and already being in the process of launching my own online gift store I was not looking for anything to help supplement my income. I was looking for ways to supplement my income as a stay at home Mom in the early 90's and proceeded to try 2 different network marketing opportunities before I discovered a start up company (ground floor opportunity) in technology called ACN.

Long story short would be that I saw ACN's purpose and vision! The service itself was an easy sell offering discount long distance at a time when the phone companies that existed were charging people 40% higher than what they really should have been paying. All I had to do was get people to try the service which was free to do by the way. Once they realized the savings and knew that the service was good they stayed with it. On a side note, this is how Nerium AD works. We give people samples of the product and if they like it they will purchase it. Because the results have been so significant most people really like it!

For almost a year I helped train and develop the East coast with other ACN business partners. The opportunity was very new, again this the same way it is with Nerium International.

I was truly experiencing success with ACN; I was enjoying what I was doing and making a residual income as well as building a good team. This technology company had vision and they spoke of the bundle packages that we see today and how over the years this business would grow even larger as a result of the efforts we were doing at that time all over the US and globally!

Wow were they right and 19 years later ACN is listed as number 9 in the top 25 Network Marketing Companies as you can see from the attachment!

I was in the absolute right place at the right time and I am painfully aware of that each time I see articles on the company and see those familiar faces such as the president and founders of the company that I worked side by side with in the early days of launching ACN.

For reasons that don't even make sense at all to me today as a business owner myself but did back then, I stepped away from building the business. I walked away from a tremendous ground floor opportunity and have regrets. I did receive a nice residual for some months after I stopped actively building my organization however I did my family and me a disservice financially.

I do like to think that things happen for a reason. I can tell you and I did mention this earlier on, that I WAS NOT looking for an opportunity of any kind to earn extra income let alone the tremendous one that found me called Nerium International.Yet here I am again fully engaged and excited about sharing a great product and a great opportunity with my family, friends and business associates. Nerium International celebrated it's one year anniversary on August 29, 2012.

I suppose now it is not a surprise to those who know me and are reading this why I started something else at this time. And for those of you reading this blog who don't know me, I am sure you can imagine why I am doing this at this time. How could I not get involved? How many times does someone get to be at the right place at the right time with an opportunity like this?

The video below explains nicely the compensation plan with Nerium.
For a novice to this industry it may be confusing and not make much sense. I wish you could just believe me when I say this is a great compensation plan! And please by all means call us to discuss and get more information! We really do desire to get you to where you want to be and by doing so we too can achieve our goals.

For those of you who know network marketing and may be interested in doing it again I encourage you to watch this video and then call us if you are interested in getting started. 302 892 2572. We are ready to launch Nerium on the East Coast and will be working with the top leaders of the company while doing so and can plug you in!

The  opportunity is real! The science is real! The results are real! CALL Positive Outcomes today to talk with one of our Nerium Directors at 302 892 2572. Positive Outcomes, is an independent brand partner with Nerium International.


 Information on the top 25 Network Marketing Companies as of June 2012. The Top 25 Network Marketing Companies by The Staff at Nexera™ LLC

The five factors above are taken into account at the end of each quarter, and then a ranking decision is made. As of June 30, 2012, The Top 25 Network Marketing Companies are: Company Time In Business

 1. Amway 1959 - 53 Years 6 - 8,579 - 2.18
2. Melaleuca 1985 - 27 Years 5 - 11,195 - 0.44
3. USANA 1992 - 20 Years 6 - 11,273 - 0.44
4. Nu Skin 1984 - 28 Years 6 - 12,218 - 0.20
 5. Isagenix 2002 - 10 Years 4 - 13,765 - 0.20
6. Forever Living 1978 - 34 Years 5 - 16,100 - 0.42
 7. Herbalife 1980 - 32 Years 5 - 23,888 - 2.24
 8. Legal Shield 1972 - 40 Years 4 - 20,204 - 0.20
 9. ACN 1993 - 19 Years 6 - 29,489 - 1.12
10. 4Life 1998 - 14 Years 4 - 25,763 - 0.14
 11. Advocare 1993 - 19 Years 5 - 29,741 - 0.14
12. 5LINX 2001 - 11 Years 4 - 40,861 - 0.03
13. Xango 2002 - 10 Years 4 - 43,821 - 0.38
 14. Mannatech 1994 - 18 Years 5 - 48,884 - 0.16
15. Morinda 1994 - 18 Years 4 - 57,375 - 0.14
16. Shaklee 1956 - 56 Years 5 - 58,851 - 0.20
17. Arbonne 1980 - 32 Years 5 - 59,354 - 0.66
18. Nature's Sunshine 1972 - 40 Years 4 - 59,976 - 0.01
19. Synergy WorldWide 1999 - 13 Years 3 - 72,946 - 0.01
20. Nikken 1975 - 37 Years 4 - 88,904 - 0.29
 21. Freelife 1995 - 17 Years 4 - 104,469 - 0.03
22. Neways 1992 - 20 Years 4 - 128,673 - 0.17
23. NSA Juice Plus 1970 - 42 Years 5 - 128,918 - 0.26
24. Sunrider 1982 - 30 Years 4 - 163,354 - 0.07
 25. GNLD 1958 - 54 Years 4 - 209,061 - 0.07

A few noteworthy points on this list... The only companies considered for this list are U.S.A. based; and if you click on each and every company linked above, what you will not find should be as interesting to you (and as revealing) as what you will find. There are no travel companies, only two technology companies (ACN and 5LINX), just one service company (Legal Shield), and 22 health and wellness companies. Even Amway, whose core product line still includes soap, really got started by way of the wellness revolution!

Read this book by Paul Zane Pilzer and you'll understand why nutrition, weight management, and skincare products continue to drive the trends in the Network Marketing industry to this day. All the best, The Staff at Nexera™ LLC

 P.S. Network Marketing continues to gain in popularity throughout the world. According to, Future Choice: Why Network Marketing May Be Your Best Career Move, "This week, 175,000 people will find a new way to increase their financial security and personal freedom. They will join more than 57 million others who are earning a living, full- or part-time, through Network Marketing." To learn more about Network Marketing, download Future Choice today!

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